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Find a Topic

“Find a Topic” is a tool that allows you to browse research topics and quickly find relevant articles on a selected topic.  Each broad topical area contains multiple sub-topics that lead to pertinent articles. Articles are found via searches that have been carefully crafted by NewsBank’s editorial team.

"Find a Topic" helps support information literacy by providing easy access to topics and results from sources that can be trusted.

Find a Topic may not be available in your library.

Titles of categories vary by library.

Each category contains multiple sub-categories

Each sub-category contains multiple topics

        Health is a category

        Medical Care is a sub-category in the Health category

        Cholesterol Screening is a topic under Medical Care 

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Apply Limiters to your Search Results

Limiters are tools that can be used to refine and narrow search results.  Limiters are particularly helpful when you have received a large number of search results and want to narrow the search to articles that are most relevant to you. 

To refine a search using Limiters:

1.  Conduct a search.

  • Example: A search on the word landslides yields too many results.

2. Click a limiter in the list on the left to narrow your search results.

  • Example: State and Territory can be used to limit the results to a geographic location.

3.  Click on a value in the list that appears.

4.  Your search results will be limited to this value.

  • Example: A search on the word landslides limited to Australia - Queensland now yields fewer, more targeted results. 

5. Continue to use available limiters to refine your search results, as desired.